Music path life coaching

You know that for you, music is a piece of your soul purpose, the work you came here to do in this life.

But you’ve struggled to find a musical niche that fits your unique talents and doesn’t lead to burnout. Your musical space in the world. The part that only you can play.

You’ve just about given up hope that you can make music a central part of your life in a way that’s truly rewarding and sustainable for you.

I’d love to help you with this. I know what it feels like Because I’ve been there.

Music is that thing that’s most important to you, that gives you the most joy and fun you’ve ever experienced, that’s as vitally important to you as sunlight.

But it gets squeezed out of your life because you need to make a living, and look after the family, and keep all the balls in the air.

You keep getting burned out. And then you stop making music. And there’s this huge empty gap in your life.


When you’re not playing music regularly you don’t feel fully alive.

You’ve tried a bunch of different music genres, but haven’t yet found one that fits.

You’ve done years of expensive musical training, only to find that you don’t love the path that it’s leading you along.

Maybe you have a music-related job that was great at the beginning. But now you’re burned out, it’s sucking your soul, it’s killing you inside. But you don’t think you can leave, because you believe that’s what you need to do to make a living as a musician.

You’re getting paid to make music that you don’t love, or in a way you don’t love.

You’re sick of the frustration and you’re sick of waiting for something to change. The years are ticking by.

You don’t have to settle for any of this!

Looking for your musical home?

Working with me:

You’ll gain a sense of clarity about your musical soul path. The pieces that you, uniquely, are here to play.

You’ll jump-start your creativity

You’ll look within and discover the answers and solutions that are true for you

You’ll regain a feeling of being in action, in flow

You’ll reconnect with practices that help you reclaim your energy

You’ll rediscover a sense of playfulness around music

And all along the way you’ll have my support and encouragement as your coach. It’s really hard to do this work on your own.

I won’t tell you what to do. I won’t tell you to follow any particular spiritual path. I’ll help you find what’s right for you.

Is this only for professional musicians?

This is for anyone who knows in their heart that music is a central, essential, non-negotiable part of their life.

It’s going to be different for everyone. Some musicians find a single musical path that rewards them financially. Others build their sustainable life around music, including a portfolio of different income streams.

Others may find a day job that allows them the creative energy to also pursue their passion for music.

There are many possible solutions.

What they have in common is that being a musician is central, prioritized.

How precious are you?

Every single soul-driven musician has a unique role to play in creating positive change in the world. Including you.

How valuable is your “one wild and precious life”? How long can you keep all the balls in the air, while you postpone that which makes your heart sing?

If you value yourself and your gifts and potential, please don’t spend too long in a stressed, burned-out state.

Also, getting un-stuck may be quicker and easier than you think. I can’t promise anything. But you won’t know until you try.

Music is a powerful energy shifting medium.

When musicians like you are repeatedly experiencing burnout and disillusionment, there’s something going astray.

That’s why I’m foregrounding music as a soul path in my coaching services.

As your coach I can help you learn how to create your own musical space in the world.

I can help you find the alignment of your creative purpose and rediscover the joy of making music from your heart and soul.


Are you ready to follow your muse?

Working with me, you’ll have support from someone who can help you understand your unique situation and stop you endlessly going down rabbit holes and looking for external solutions.

I’ve learned from my own experience that it’s very hard to do this work on your own. A coach who knows what you’re going through is a powerful ally.

I’ll support you to take a dive into your deepest dreams.

We’ll take stock of where you are, your strengths and assets and your experiences.

You’ll give voice to your hopes and desires.

I’ll hold space for you to set inspiring goals and challenge you to work towards achieving them.

I will support you to look within and listen for the answers that are unique to you alone. And I will help you to take action on them

My coaching style includes including empathic listening, witnessing, dialogue, visioning, reflecting, encouraging, questioning, challenging and holding you accountable. And along the way, we’ll celebrate your successes!

Music path life coaching packages

Option 1: 6 sessions: fortnightly 1:1 60min coaching sessions over 3 months $US425

Option 2:  12 sessions: fortnightly 1: 1 60min coaching sessions over 6 months $US800

The coaching package includes email support for the duration of the coaching series. We’ll work together to set actions to help you keep the momentum going in between coaching sessions.

Looking for your musical space?

Pre-Coaching Discovery Call – free, no obligation

30 min

Committing to a coaching series can be daunting – I’ve been there!

That’s why I offer an opportunity to connect in a pre-coaching call before investing in a coaching series. This is a time for you to decide what feels right and whether I’m the best coach to support you to reach your goals.

Book a discovery call here:

Ahead of our meeting, I’ll send you some questions to help you dive into your hopes and desires for a coaching series.

If you can’t find a time that suits in my bookings calendar, message me: alice “at”

How valuable is your “one wild and precious life”?

Book a free half-hour discovery call here.

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