Creative life activation

I have a passion for helping midlife people activate their talents.

For ten years I’ve been teaching ukulele to adults – mainly folks in midlife and beyond.

I’ve helped hundreds of people work through the tender process of letting their musical talents bloom, playing ukulele and singing too.

I’m now helping people connect with and activate all sorts of creative talents, including healing skills. I take a very broad view of creativity.

I get to witness as people’s talents start blossoming.

When clients experience the joy of being in creative flow. And when they start bringing a project through from a dream, into existence.



I’d call myself a late bloomer.


I knew at the age of 40 that I wanted to do work that used my gifts and talents and was aligned with my values. I was pretty sure it was something to do with music.

But I had no idea where to start. And I spent more than ten years studying and searching, going down rabbit holes and getting lost.

When I found my way back to the ukulele, things started making sense at last.

I think some exploring is part of the midlife transition process.

But I don’t think everyone should have to spend quite as long as I did on unmapped roads, before my talents started blooming.

That’s how I can help you.

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A bit more about me:

  • I live in the Waikato region of Aotearoa-New Zealand.
  • I’ve been a musician since I was six years old, when I fell in love with the ukulele. I’ve played many instruments in everything from symphony orchestras to rock bands.
  • Ten years ago, I rediscovered the easy joy of playing ukulele with my friends, and I’ve never looked back.
  • One of my other creative outlets is food. For several years I wrote a food blog, the Waikato Foodbasket, celebrating the local food of my region of New Zealand.
  • I’ve trained as a coach with Julie Parker’s Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I chose this training because I resonate with Julie’s values and her view of coaching for empowerment and social change.
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How valuable is your

“one wild and precious life”?

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